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Beauty with Intuition Lash Extensions

About Us

Our Mission & Purpose

Since 2018, Beauty with Intuition’s fundamental mission has been to enrich and empower busy women by delivering a high-quality lash extension experience.

To fulfill this mission Beauty with Intuition strives to maintain the highest quality of:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Following all sanitary standards required by the State of California
  • Lash Technician certified through California State Board for Cosmetology
  • Highest quality materials used for all lash application sessions

Beauty with Intuition is dedicated to the commitment to its founding vision and focused vision. By continuing to test new methods and products, following all state-provided guidelines, and perfecting the lash extension process.

As a result, Beauty with Intuition is one of the top sought-after lash extension experiences in Southern California. Assisting you in gracefully daily aesthetics, cutting your morning routine in half, and providing you with an effortless glow for weeks.

Our Approach

Experience our one-of-a-kind lashing method:

  • We lash every natural lash to make your lash sets realistic and impactful.
  • Medical grade loops are utilized with a -3.5x magnification which allows display of every detail adding on to the realism of each set.
  • Volume fans are not used in traditional way, fans are built individually around the natural lashes allowing it to have the proper support as it grows out which in return lengthens the lash retention.
  • Upon every application, special custom lightweight cashmere lashes attach to the natural lash like a feather supporting it opposed to weighing lashes down which also adds to the longevity.




Kind words from our clients


1st Time Client Full Set

Price: $350
Duration: 2-3 hours

Returning Client Full Set

Price: $255
Duration: 2.5 hours

Double (Refill)*

Price: $180
Duration: 2 hours

Single Plus (Refill)*

Price: $135
Duration: 1.5 hours

Single (Refill)*

Price: $90
Duration: 1 hour

*Please note: Refill times and prices are custom to each individual

Coming Soon

Education with Beauty with Intuition


Training will include the understanding of different curls and thickness. When to use what curl, how to choose the right style for your client, tips and tricks, lash allergies, and lots more.


Products for sale will include lashes and lashing tools that I have found the most useful in providing clients with the highest quality.

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